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    Interview with the "golden" orc Author: freelancer @ 10.12 01:56 Comments: 0    

Once again we are hurrying to joy you with another interview with one of the cyberplayers, but this time with the one who’s not so famous among the WC3 fans. He often plays on OLDI PG Cup and regularly takes part in some clan leagues for ieS. Gold is one of few Russian orcs who shows stable results. Why Sergey doesn’t play on Russian LAN tourneys? How does he train and what does he do in real life? The answers on these and other questions you could find in this interview, prepared by our special correspondent in Warcraft world vassemann.

Interview with ieS.Gold

Hello. Could you introduce yourself, what is your name, how old are you, where do you live and what do you do?

Hi, my name is Semiliak “Gold” Sergey, I’m 19, play warcraft, live in Mahachkala, and my free time I spend walking with my friends or doing sports.

Let’s start with the start-up of your career. How did it happen?

At the first time, as everyone, I played only for fun with my friends on LAN, just till the moment I’d understood that it is possible to play via internet. I tried, I liked it and I’m playing since that time and I don’t feel sorry about it.

Tell us, when did you start progressing, why did it happen and when did you feel power in yourself to play on a higher level?

Well I felt some power when I joined the Hunter’s clan, he helped me to improve my skill.

As far as I remember your first serious clan was rC-xFi. How did you manage to get there?

Yes you are right. I was playing not bad for kow3 and then I was invited to rC-xFi.

Well, and don’t you clarify kow3 as a strong clan? Or had you seen a more profitable option for your progress in rC’s offer?

It was really bad in kow3. They feed me promises for a long time, nothing more. rCode offered me nice conditions and I knew that it is possible to progress in this clan, as they are full of not bad Russian players.

By the way could you tell us how was the team of such a promising players as you, Kpect, Swift, Frizzer formed?

I think this is Hunter’s and his partner’s, at that time losemann, service. I was just invited to the Spanish team.

Nowadays you play in ieS Virtual Gaming. Does it suit you? How the things are going on?

Yes, we are a great team, and I’d like to play together with these guys whatever happens.

Could you tell in details about your team? What are the relationships inside of it?

It’s a pity but I don’t know my friends personally, but the relationships are great.

Why don’t you appear on big LANs here in Moscow?

The thing is that I live far away from Moscow. Not everyone would like to travel for 2 days. And I could not prepare myself for the championship up to the proper condition so I see no point to go anywhere. Yet I tried once on WCG 2006 and even was placed in top10.

How is it going with cybersport development in your city?

Well, during my career I played only one tournament with a 250-rouble prize fond. Development? Well I think there could be a kind of development if anyone would develop it.

How do you train?

I’m training fully through the GGC, but still sometimes I have chances to play on ladder.

Is the internet qualitative in your city?

They can’t make electricity and water providing stable. It is hard to speak about internet.

Can a Russian person who plays warcraft professionally earn money to live on it?

Why not? The main thing is that the majority of gamers here in Russia have no conditions for gaming. I think that if everyone played in one gaming club with a good internet we were “Koreans”.

Do you define yourself as a player who succeeds because of round-the-clock trainings or vice versa you try to win by thinking?

It’s better to play 5 games but go all out, than 20 without thinking.

Let’s look aside the game and speak about the last events in our country. I mean the parliamentary elections. Did you take part in it?

No, but if I did I would have voted for United Russia.

What do you think about the balance in the game?

I think there is balance in the game but everything turns on the maps that are not comfortable.

What changes would you like to see in the new patch?

Strengthening of orcs of cause. I’d like to see some changes in shamans, and the spirits are building so slowly. Speaking about elfs it’s of cause stuff and sphere. And the undead’s buildings should be more strong. Humans are ok, except the towers.

Do you play any other games? DotA, WoW, Lineage. What do you think about these games?

DotA and Lineage are the games for those who want to dawdle. But I have no objections to play DotA with friends.

How do you go through your defeats?

I’m used to think about Warcraft quite easy. It is only hobby for me, nothing more.

What motivates you more: victories or defeats?

Victories of cause!

Do you watch your replays or replays of your rivals?

I analyze my enemy’s demos before important games; otherwise I watch top orcs’ replays. I don’t watch my own replays, I know my mistakes in game anyway.

Let’s speak in full about your real life. What do you study and what kind of sport do you do?

Ok. Let’s go. I study on the 3rd grade of the applied information science in economy” faculty “. I played football for several years, then I was keen on karate, box. And now I just go to gym and play warcraft.

Have you ever thought about giving up warcraft and doing sport seriously?

Yes, I thought, but still the warcraft has its effect after a few months of rest.

What do parents think about your keenness on warcraft?

They don’t know anything. I can’t see any sense in telling them, as I know that they would react negatively.

Ok, let’s stop here. Thanks for spending time with us. Say some words in the end.

Thank you. I would like to send regards to all of my friends, especially Kpect, Fizzer, Inter, Agore, Kemper and of cause to our manager Hunter. Don’t lose heart!

From editors: We reward those who have read till the end with this replay-pack, in which you could find 13 demos, that was so kindly presented by Sergey.

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