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    Interview with Fragbet Qcup winner - mouz.ToD Author: SEKTOR PRIZ NA BARABANE @ 16.12 20:22 Comments: 4    

You didn't participate in online tourneys for a while. Why did you decide to play in Fragbet?

I do participate in online tours, such as NGL and WC3L, but it's true that i don't usually play solo tours online. Well i just wanted to give it a try, it had been a while I didn't play online matches recently and when I got to play some again there was no good host around, so I had to find new ones, it was a good opportunity to try them out and figure out if whether or not I can perform good online due to my internet being slow.

So you can =). Have you practiced before this event specially or you just came and played?

Lately I've been playing mostly DotA , all the time, I didn't practice much at all ... so I just came and played =)

Was it difficult to play with Grubby?

Yes, very, it was 3:30am and I was very exhausted, I asked to postpone the game to the next day but Grubby said he couldn't play the day after and the staff wanted to finish the tournament this weekend so i ended up playing and I won.

You had lost to Focus in the final 2-0, but then you won 3-2. How did you put yourself together?

Well I thought I have nothing to lose, I'll just keep on trying and knew it was still possible to win then eventually with the help of the luck I was granted the victory.

Why were you absent at the CEG?

I wasn't invited to participate.

What tourney are you going to participate in later?

You mean offline? Maybe IEF Masters ,PGL, a few tournaments in France, and Extreme Masters if I qualify.

Thank you for pleasant talk. Any final words?

I would like to thank our sponsors: GeIL, BenQ, Steelseries, Wazap, Kappa =) and big up to whole mouz crew ~! Fighting!

    #1 почтальон печкин 26.04.09 12:32
wtf ?
    #2 зотка 09.05.09 14:53
Майкер? O_O
    #3 whimpzce 15.09.09 13:50
    #4 NLFRjke 18.09.09 14:25
какого хуя этот 364ный усовец тут делает?
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