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    The owner of the first World Championship KODE5 Quote from Byelorussia was defined Author: freelancer @ 29.12 16:50 Comments: 3    

The games were held on the 23rd of December on Sunday in Minsk in GalaNet Internet-center at address Sukharevskaya st., 32-2. There was a Warcraft III (1x1) tournament here with all the strongest Belarusian players taking part. 20 participators from 7 Belarusian cities  including “the stars” of Belarusian Warcraft III – Kaveckiy Yaroslav (mTw-NightWolf) and Baranov Vladislav (Gravitas-Frozen) were


  1. Yaroshevich Viktor Viktorovich, GoFY, Minsk, 17 yrs
  2. Kopytok Aleksandr Olegovich, Exelleht, Borisov, 17 yrs
  3. Ivanov Aleksey Olegovich, Avater, Minsk, 18 yrs
  4. Ilinchok Mikhail Ivanovich, iP.Xelsing, Minsk, 20 yrs
  5. Glebov Pavel Aleksandrovich, Repa, Minsk, 19 yrs
  6. Vrublevskiy Gennadiy Sergeevich, RON, Minsk, 18 yrs
  7. Maistenko Aleksandr Viacheslavovich, PLAN.Snejok, Bobruysk, 17 yrs
  8. Kunitskiy Arthur Nikolaevich, forgivemeplz, Minsk, 19 yrs
  9. Smychkov Ilya Vitalyevich, knifer, Zhodino, 22 yrs
  10. Baranov Vladislav Olegovich, Gravitas-Frozen, Minsk, 17 yrs
  11. Parkhomenko Aleksey Aleksandrovich, iP.zlo, Zhlobin, 23 yrs
  12. Civilko Aleksandr Sergeevich, Muren, Minsk, 24 yrs
  13. Berlenko Evgeniy Aleksandrovich, iP.Cazanova, Novopolock, 18 yrs
  14. Fishman Mikhail Viktorovich, iP.Other, Minsk, 17 yrs
  15. Zdukevich Aleksandr Nikolaevich, iP.FAST, Bobruysk, 21 yrs
  16. Borovko Roman Igorevich, ShePParT, Minsk, 17 yrs
  17. Gorgun Aleksandr Viacheslavovich, chiO, Minsk, 16 yrs
  18. Cherniavskiy Roman Igorevich, Namor.cosmostv, Minsk, 18 yrs
  19. Kaeckiy Yaroslav Igorevich, mTw-NightWolf, Minsk, 21 yrs
  20. Pischik Vladislav Olegovich, fun.Green, Minsk, 14 yrs

Download tournament replay pack

There were no sensations during the group stage of tournament. The spectators only noted a confident game by 23-years-old Parkhomenko Aleksey from Zhlobino, who was aimed on victory in each game. Three of all the participators had no looses after the group stage. They were Gravitas-Frozen, iP.Xelsing and mTw-NightWolf. The eight best of the best was defined after the group stage.

The group stage

Group G1
Gravitas-Frozen - 4 victories
Namor.cosmostv - 3 victories, 1 loss

iP.Cazanova - 2 victories, 2 losses
Exelleht - 1 victory, 3 losses
forgivemeplz - 4 losses

Group G2
knifer - 3 victories, 1 loss
iP.zlo - 3 victories, 1 loss

iP.Other - 2 victories, 2 losses
fun.Green - 1 victory, 3 losses
Avatar - 1 victory, 3 losses

Group G3
iP.Xelsing - 4 victories
RON - 3 victories, 1 loss

iP.FAST - 1 victory, 3 losses
Muren - 1 victory, 3 losses
GoFY - 1 victory, 3 losses

Group G4
mTw-NightWolf - 4 victories
Repa - 3 victories, 1 loss

ShePParT - 1 victory, 3 losses
PLAN.Snejok - 1 victory, 3 losses
chiO - 1 victory, 3 losses

The Single Elimination started. There was a close matches in Quarterfinals. Hard battles ended with the victories of the today-strongest Belarusian warcraft III (1x1) players. We should mark out a sensational loss of 21-year-old Yaroslav Kaveckiy (mTw-NightWolf), who, by his own words, is suffering not the best period of his professional career. Looking back, Yaroslav is a Belarusian cybersport champion in Warcraft III (1x1) and Grand Finals participator of such world tournaments as ESWC and WCG. mTw-NightWolf successfully vindicates honor of his country on different online tournaments. But he would not participate in the KODE5 Grand Finals, as he was defeated by Parkhomenko Aleksey (iP.zlo) from Zhlobino.


Gravitas-Frozen - RON - 2:0
knifer - Repa - 2:0
iP.Xelsing - Namor.cosmostv - 1:2
mTw-NightWolf - iP.zlo - 1:2

Gravitas-Frozen vs knifer and Namor.cosmostv vs iP.zlo played in semifinals. Surprisingly there were no hard fights. Baranov Vladislav (Gravitas-Frozen) and Parkhomenko Aleksey (iP.zlo) were a bit better prepared for the battle and had unbelievable motivation for the victory. Their rivals under their attacking pressing lost with the same scores.


Gravitas-Frozen - knifer - 2:0
Namor.cosmostv - iP.zlo - 0:2

In Final Parkhomenko Aleksey (iP.zlo) furiously opposed the today-strongest Belarusian warcrafter, 17-years-old Baranov Vladislav (Gravitas-Frozen), who is playing now in Moscow for a well-known professional team. Another hard fight was for the third place between a 22-years-old Smychkov Ilya (knifer) from Zhodino and Chernyavskiy Riman (Namor.cosmostv) from Minsk, who was playing under the flag of one of the biggest internet-providers and the only in Belorussia operator of ethereal-cable TV – “Cosmos TV”, member of Belarusian Cybersport Federation.

3rd place match:

knifer - Namor.cosmostv - 2:1


Gravitas-Frozen - iP.zlo - 2:1

The Head Judge of the tournament – cybersport judge of the republican category Maksim Mamonov – announced the results of the tournament: the only quote of the World Championship KODE5 Grand Final in Warcrafr III (1x1) took Baranov Vladislav (Gravitas-Frozen), Minsk.

Results of the tournament:

1st place: Baranov Vladislav Olegovich, Gravitas-Frozen, Minsk – Quote for Grand Final KODE5, a prize from IP Telecom.
2nd place: Parkhomenko Aleksey Aleksandrovich, iP.zlo, Zhlobin - a prize from IP Telecom.
3rd place: Smychkov Ilya Vitalyevich, knifer, Zhodino - a prize from IP Telecom.
4th place: Cherniavskiy Roman Igorevich, Namor.cosmostv, Minsk - a prize from IP Telecom.
5-8th places: Ilinchok Mikhail Ivanovich, iP.Xelsing, Minsk
Kaeckiy Yaroslav Igorevich, mTw-NightWolf, Minsk
Vrublevskiy Gennadiy Sergeevich, RON, Minsk
Glebov Pavel Aleksandrovich, Repa, Minsk

Another KODE5 preliminaries would be held in Belorussia in 2008 in nomination Counter-Strike (5x5), 9-10 february.

organising committee +375 29 627 83 38, 650 91 06

About KODE5 World Championship
In February 2006 a tournament named KODE5 was announced. Grand Final was held in capital of China, Beijing on the eve of national holiday – the day of P.R.C. Teams from 15 countries took part in the first tournament. The two most popular disciplines are in the tournament: Counter-Strike 1.6 (5x5) and Warcraft III TFT.

Organization and all the information about the preliminaries in Russia are made by team.

About the group of companies “Belhard”
The group of companies “Belhard” ( is a modern way of solving the most complex problems in the IT sphere. “Belhard” is an operative solving of all the questions, complex approach and unique technological solutions. Everyone who cooperated with “Belhard” could find his abilities, find the ways of its development and gain the success. We help to do business, build career, get knowledge, to make tomorrow better than today.

About IP TelCom
IP TelCom entered the market of telecommunication services in 2001. Ip TelCom has a status of LIR (Local Internet Registry), registrated in RIPE NCC, owns a network IPTel and a block of IP-addresses (autonomous system). It renders a wide range of telecommunication services in Belorussia: Internet access with the help of ADSL technology, Dial-Up and g.SHDSL using the common telephone lines; building corporate networks (VPN) on the base of highly productive system of data transfer; web-hosting, web-design and other.

About Internet-center GalaNet
Modern interior, comfortable working places, 70 computers, TFT displays, high-speed access to internet, network and on-line games, VIP-rooms for the most demanding users, wide range of additional services. Address: 220019, Minsk, Sukharevskaya st, 38-2. Tel (017) 315-69-54. 9-00 – 23-00 no holidays.

About Federation of Computer Sport
Belorussian Federation of Computer Sport was registered on 23 July 2002. The Organization was created to make the computer sport more organized as the other sports are and to assist development of computer sport as a new type of competitions. The creation of Federation was supported by Ministry of sport and tourism, Ministry of information, Ministry of education, Belarusian State University of Information and Radiotronics and other organizations and public organizations.

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ч0 за херня О_О?
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че за ху1та 361
зы копипаст детектед
зыы =>
    #3 I Wanna Be Karatelllll 02.11.09 04:30
О_О, опять тоже самое, что с новостями? :x
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