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    Cooller interview: "Everything I have now, I've reached by my own" Author: SEKTOR PRIZ NA BARABANE @ 30.07 22:27 Comments: 3    

Hi, Cooller! Could you tell about your relationship with parents when you were younger? Did they think the game to be just a waste of time or understood your passion and supported you? How did they change their opinion when you had become famous and started to earn money playing? How much does it take to become a professional gamer?

My parents were against computer games, because they thought that they harm your health, take all free time. Now I fully agree with them, because only a few from thousands in the world can make a success. The career of professional gamer lasts for several years. I would rather prefer to finish elite collage than to spend equal time playing.
But when I took the first place on WCG Russia in 2002 their opinion about my passion had changed and they began to believe in me.

Did you reach your aim? How does it feel to be a Quake Star?

Frankly speaking I am really happy to become the best Quake 3 player and the first champion of Quake 4. It's exiting to have a double champion title, also it brings a great satisfaction. But to be honest there is nothing extraordinary. It's just nice when others respect you. But now the main reason to play Quake isn't fame, but money. I guess financial factor is the main one for all e-sports stars.

How did you pick up your nickname?

In school I was called "cool" very often.

Do you play other games except Quake 3 and Quake 4? What games have you played before?

I played online RPG a lot, particularly Ultima Online. By the way I had the richest and the strongest character on the shard. People in the street don't recognize me very often, but sometimes point at me and say something like "Look! That's Cooller!" (Smiling)

Why did you choose Quake?

FPS. The first game I played was Quake 2 and I just fell in love with it from our first date ;). But my favorite part is the 3rd one.

Do your neighbors know that professional gamer lives next door? And how it appeared that you don't have good internet connection to play with foreign progamers?

My neighbors know that I deal with computers, go abroad and return with cups and some stuff. But don't know any details. Not long ago I got 100mbit connection. Before I had an ADSL and my old telephone line couldn't stand the load.

What are your plans for the future? When are you going to stop playing professionally? Who was the strongest opponent for you in the whole career?

I will play until I have potential, talent and desire, because it brings me long shillings. I guess the strongest opponent for me is myself. If I face Cooller in the tournament I will certainly lose. (Smiling)

How do you manage to stay so precise and composed? Do you have any secret how to prepare for the game? Or you just have so strong character...

I lost on WCG 2002 just because of being very nervous. My emotions spoiled everything! After that I decided to get rid of being nervous. I asked myself why people become irritable. Because they are diffident. After that I tried to stay confident and precise. I knew, I'm better and stronger then everyone else.

As far as I understand you are going to continue playing? Are you capable to fight with av3k and Toxic in the future?

Yes, I'm sure of myself. Everything I need to play are motivation and desire to train a lot. To tell the truth I am rather tired of games... but I will try to do my best.

If there was an opportunity to join Russian team like Virtus.Pro and leave mousesports, would you do that?

Even if conditions were good, I would think it over twice. Mouz is very strong team and first of all there are trustworthy people. That's very important for me.

You support av3k in different ways, help him not just in game, but personally. So the question is why do you help him? Maybe he reminds you yourself but in the beginning of the career or there are some other motives?

This guy asks for help and I help him. Besides I wanted for Toxic to lose.

Do you visit e-sport internet sources to read about yourself? Do you read comments and post them?

Yes, I visit them rather often. And it's very nice to read supportive comments. They help me a lot and inspire me.

How does your girlfriend act for you to be a professional gamer? Is her support important for you? How does she react to your victories, looses and journeys?

My profession is my job. She fully understands and supports me. In general she reacts calm, but positive.

Who helped you in your "coming-to-be champion"? What way did he help?

I have never had any teachers. Everything I have now, I've reached by my own.

What can you say about WSVG, where you lost to Cypher and got the 5th place? What do you think about Cypher?

His style is very complicated for me. He plays smartly and guardedly. His attack begins only if there is an advantage. On WSVG I lost Garpy too but in a silly way, because didn't warm up. That was very rude mistake.

There is no game without motivation. Is it possible to bring it back? Have you ever lost your motivation?

The main motive to play is earning money. Until I start to earn more, I will play.

Are you going to leave Russia? If you don't, name the reason please.

No! I like Moscow and Russian girls. There is no such a beauty in any other country I've ever seen.

Has someone offered you to use a nickname as a brand? What do you think about it?

I think only Fatality is a brand. But he didn't make it, some influential persons did.

Don't you want to write a book about your career like "My 12 rounds"?

I haven't got such thoughts until now, thanks for the idea. (Smiling)

    #1 RBULL 02.08.07 11:01
Hehe :)
    #2 Navi|Fallen 02.08.07 19:48
nice ;)
    #3 VISOR-V 05.08.07 22:52
Has read russian version before, but it is all the same excellent!!!
Respect to Cooller and Michael-Miker.
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