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    Begrip -vs- Manager Author: Marchello @ 01.02 21:06 Comments: 0    

Breaking news! Russian Begrip Gaming Counter-Strike team falling apart. Players of the team decided they are not anymore interested in cooperation with their owner, Maksim “Nirvana” Zalilov. Players are not satisfied by Zalilov’s work and they also suspect that they are not getting all the money they should get.

Zalilov told us that he wont allow team to play in NPCL league, and he will try to ban them from Russian qualifiers of WCG, KODE5 and made a call to Russian WSG Qualifier organizers, and they told us, that they fully support Zalilov’s decision.

Stay tuned for more information about this growing conflict.

Begrip Lineup: Россия Xenitron, Россия Xek, Россия Redman, Россия Flatra, Россия eX

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